6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Girl Nursery on a Budget

With Baby #3 on the way and one income, we were on a budget.  But I have never had a real nursery/baby room that I have designed and decorated so I really wanted to do it this time.  The room was blue, so I knew that paint would be a must.  I did not want to go gender neutral, so hopefully she likes pink :)  Muscle Man learned how to put in a simple chair rail and had the room transformed in a couple days.  The paint and supplies were a bit more than I would normally spend but I think it makes the room look classy and will really grow with her.
The crib and changing table came from a friend, and the mattress from another buddy.  Since this was our guest room there is a Queen bed in the room, which we will keep for a while.  I spent a bit on the dresser but it is something she will have for a long time and I got it on SALE so it really was not too much. 

 My Mom had an antique dresser in the back yard that had once been my Grandmothers.  One look at the wood and I had an idea.  Muscle man took pieces and made me a shelf, and added hangers to the back. I found a decal at a local craft store and collected little decor from around the house.
 The Little Studs LOVE to play in their sister's room, it is pretty cute! 
 An old beaded frame with a graphic from a card and her first pair of converse purchased at a consignment store..  Cute shelf decor that will eventually be worn.
 I took this photo in our garden at our old house years ago.  I entered it in a photo contest at work where they blew it up.  Muscle Man took old pallet boards and made them into a frame that I spray painted.  Total cost was $2.78 for the spray paint.
 I loved the shape of the mirror so splurged at Marshalls for $20, the window is small and only took 1 panel which was on sale for $6.98 at Bed Bath and Beyond.  The lamp was $16 from Wal-Mart and is needed since there are no overhead lights in the room.
 Could not pass up this quote for above the window for $5
 I had a gift card and found the pink elephant bedding online at Nordstrom, FREE for nice bedding.  The bumper is from the friend who gifted us the crib.
 I have always loved this quote, wall hanging just $5 at Marshalls..  And it is also pretty humorous because it is above the changing table- get it??  HEHEHE

Grandma bought her first Piggy Bank when we went on a short vacation in April, I had the baby girl frame in my hope chest and found the cute board book and rattle cheap at Marshalls.

The room has changed a bit as we have received more toys, gifts, etc.  I love the peaceful and tranquil vibe that I get when I walk in.  This is a space that will grow with her and that I hope she will love and be proud of.  We will have her in our room in the bassinet for a few months but the room is ready when we are.

Tips on how to save $ for a baby nursery:
  • Ask for hand-me downs: You may have a friend, co-worker or family member who would love to give you furniture, decor or gear for baby.
  • Check out the Garage Sales, Craigslist, secondhand or consignment and facebook forums: People are always selling lightly used items, if the timing and price is right you could save a lot of money.  Safety and cleanliness are a top priority so be sure to do your homework for any recalls, etc.
  • Shop Around: I live down the street from Marshalls and frequent it often.  Going back regularly I end up finding some great things at low prices.
  • Re purpose: Do you have an old frame in a box, or a basket in the corner?  Think about what you already own and if it could be painted or simply dusted off and used in a new space.
  • Forget about name brands:  Yes everyone may want a BOB, but at the end of the day if you are on a budget it may not fit for you.  Do what is right for you and your family.  Our baby girl's closet has many items from Target because the price is right.
There you have it.  36 Weeks and awaiting our bundle of joy to arrive. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bye Bye 33

Today is my Birthday and I am not 34!!  For those who have been reading long you know that 33 is my favorite number.  33 has been a stellar year for me and I cant wait to see what 34 brings.
33 things/thoughts/facts as I enter 34:

1.  I love Ice-cream
2.      I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
3.      My husband is the BEST, I am reminded of that fact daily
4.      I am most happy when I am out in nature with me family
5.      Time with my girlfriends is cherished and necessary
6.      Our oldest son is amazing, I know that he has a BIG future ahead of him
7.      I love that our 5 ½ year old still wants to cuddle with me and has a sweet little voice
8.      There are so many things I would buy and do if I had endless funds, it is fun to dream
9.      My height makes me happy, I have always loved being tall
10.  It makes me sad that our little girl won’t get to meet my Dad, he was an AMAZING Dad and Grandpa
11.  I believe that a good quote can lift your mood
12.  I will always take the time to hold a door open and smile at passers by
13.  I have regrets in my life, but I would never let them hold me back
14.  Pandora.com SAVES me on a daily basis
15.  Working while pregnant is HARD!!!
16.  Flowering trees are among the most beautiful of Mother Nature’s creations
17.  A good umbrella is necessary living in Washington State
18.  I am not patient
19.  I have no respect for people who take other’s ideas/work and don’t give them credit
20.  Most technology confuses me, I am NOT up to speed at all
21.  Getting a card in the mail is a special treat, I need to send more cards
22.  8 hours of sleep is pretty essential for me and not often found
23.  Hershey Kisses make me smile and taste oh so good
24.  Family traditions should be upheld whenever possible
25.  Mean people suck!
26.  I have always loved fruits and veggies but I doubt I could got vegetarian
27.  Doing the little things makes all the difference
28.  Running is often hard but always worth the effort
29.  If you have a bad pair of scissors toss them away and get a new pair
30.  Summer Break takes on a new meaning now that my boys are in school
31.  Giving a compliment is important, so is being able to accept a compliment
32.  You are never too old for a Slumber Party, and cupcake tasting
33.  Every year of life is a blessing, I will never ever complain about getting older.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

34 Weeks Pregnant

39 days left!!  Feels really good when people ask when I am due to say "Next month."  Official due date is July 22nd, so will see when she decides to make her grand entrance.  Tall Grandma's birthday is July 20th, so possible she will share. 

This has been my best pregnancy of the 3, she seems to be smaller than her brothers who weighed in at 9'10 and 9'1 at birth.  I truly believe that keeping active and focussing on "Eating For Two" by eating healthier has made a huge difference.  I still crave icecream constantly, but am sure to get in my full serving or fruits and veggies every day.

The other night I had a dream that I was fit, fast and running across all sort of terrain....I awoke feeling amazing!  I look forward to pushing my body to my limits again when I am cleared to run. I feel positive that I will be able to get back to running quickly, slowish 5K's anyway :)  We purchased a used Jeep single stroller for $40 for baby girl, countless family miles ahead for sure.

Currently I am really slowing down and have to pace myself throughout the day, which is difficult!  I am often in bed by 8:15pm, lame but necessary when I wake at 5:15am for work.  Baby girl is generally predictable, moving mostly after I eat and around 8:30 at night.  Today she was BONKERS and kept rolling around from 6am to about noon!!  Not sure what that was about, but it made for an interesting and breathless day at work.

I am tempted to sign up for my first post-baby race...but I don't want to rush away the precious 8 weeks of maternity leave.  All will depend on her, my recovery and our family plans.  Since MM is a stay-at-home Dad and our boys will be out of school thie Summer is going to be the perfect time to welcome this little lady.

Am I uncomfortable?  Of course, but all is worth it!!  I cherish the miracle I am growing and can already tell that she will complete our family perfectly.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching up to 33 weeks

Wow I have not blogged in over a month, life is speeding by these days and I barely have the energy to keep up.  Special THANK YOU to Running Skirts for helping this growing Mamma feel cute during my workout today.  I love their maternity line, so comfortable and pretty, check it out, you will not regret it! Link HERE
29 Weeks
Documenting on of my last runs while prego
Catching up WOW so much has been going on these days..  First Weekend in May we headed to Oregon Coast, we lucked out with an AMAZING weekend with temps in the 80's, rare for beaches around here.

Although I am not running much I try to fit in walks 3-4 times a week.  The extra weight has caused some pain, making it harder to stick with it but I love to get out and enjoy the trail.  Lately we have been supporting Muscle Man as he preps for the Seattle Rock N Roll Half, we drop him off, drive ahead, walk a few miles, stop at the bakery, and meet Daddy 10 miles down the road.

30 weeks I love my posing boys in the background
A few days ago, nearly 32 weeks, fast walk family 5K
 Work is getting harder as hormones take over and my focus is tested.  I always seem to remember to take bump shots at work... so here is me from 28 weeks to today..
28 Weeks- Just after belly popped BIG
29 weeks Not sure why I changed my normal photo??
30 weeks looking BIGGER!!!
31 Weeks
32 Weeks- Slowing DOWN!!
33 weeks- This morning wearing my old XL maternity shirt which was too big!!
Update on Tall Mom:

Running: Stopped running a few weeks back having logged 224.5 miles while prego, I plan to get in a couple laps to get to an even 225.  Speed walking has been great so I will stick with that.

Weight Gain: I have gained 27 pounds so far and holding since my 30 week apt.  I am happy with this and think I will be able to stay under 35 for the pregnancy which is GREAT!  I gained 50 and 65 with the boys so I am very happy and I don't feel like it will take much to get it back off.

Cravings: I craved macaroni salad yesterday, WEIRD!!  Mostly I want fruit and ice cream.  I try not to indulge too much but I do love the new frosty waffle cone at Wendy's.

Excitement: Feeling her move makes me so happy!!  I was blessed with a couple amazing showers and we now have nearly everything we need.  Her nursery is done, closet is full and hospital pile is starting to accumulate in the corner.

Gripes: Hormones!!  I am having a hard time keeping it in check :(  Also suffering from major fatigue and heartburn.

Items Needed: We are on the hunt for gently used baby swing, single and double jogging strollers...then I think we are set for now :)  I am stalking craigslist and garage sales to save some $$. 

Her Name?:  I don't generally share my kiddos names on the Blog so I will call her Baby Q, her initials are QW, so guess if you like I will reply via email if you are correct :)

Fun things: Little Stud #1 ran his first race, a 1K...it was WAY TOO EASY for him and he wants to do another.  I think he will be ready for a 5K soon but I dont want to push it.  MM ran a 5K and got a PR.  I went to cheer on my team at the Rainier to Ruston Relay this weekend.  It was HARD not being able to run, but I truly enjoyed my time with my pals cheering and taking photos.. I leave you with one more photo, running friends are the BEST!
How are things in your world??  Catching up...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pregnant Running Must Have and Tips

Although this is our 3rd child this is the first time that I have run while pregnant.  When I first found out I was pregnant I searched the web for “Pregnancy running gear”, “Pregnancy running clothes”, followed by “Cheap maternity running clothing”,  “Pregnancy running tips”, etc.. I wanted to find out what I could to set myself up for success.  As helpful as the information was each pregnancy is different and I soon realized that I would be learning as I went.  I am 28 weeks along in the start of 3rd trimester and I ran 4 HILLY miles yesterday.  This is SUCCESS in my mind.  I am not comparing myself to anyone.  I am celebrating each day that I am able to train in the sport I love.  Along the way I have come across what I am calling Pregnancy Must-Haves.  This is my short list; if something on it helps you while running pregnant it was worth posting. 

Pregnant Running Must Haves:

Support for the Girls:
Moving Comfort has SAVED me.  Having never been a big girl in the upper region I did not know what to do with my new assets.  Moving comfort had the solutions.  I wear my Juno and Fiona bras for all my runs, so much better than doubling up on constricting sports bras.  The hooks in the back make the bras much easier to get in and out of as the bump grows.  And they have SALES online HERE .

Comfortable pants:
I know many women are resistant to convert to maternity pants, if you can fit in your regular workout gear more power to you.  I have not been that lucky.  I also do not have the budget for high priced gear.  I was lucky to find pants I love at Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity.  I think 2-3 pairs is enough, but I am only running about 2-3 times weekly.

LONG tops:
Tugging to keep a top down is the WORST!  Thankfully the styles right now seem to be headed toward longer lengths.  I have had success going up a size at TJMaxx, Ross, Marshalls, and the like.  Clearance racks are great.  My worst fear is ruining my favorite tops because I try to stretch myself into them. 

I am in love with my t-shirt from Run Like a Mother BUY HERE, the top that my buddy Zoe made for me and the decals sent by my friend Mandy to add to a clearance top I found.  It is FUN to wear something that lets the world know you are bumping.
"This is not a speed bump, and I am not slowing down."
Tall Baby Runner On Board
Sweating for Two
Compression socks:
As I gain weight I notice the stress on my calves and feet.  Compression socks have kept me from mid-run cramping and aided in recovery after runs.  It is getting hotter which makes me a bit nervous, but I may need to keep wearing the tall socks for the support.  My favorite compression socks are sold by The Recovery Sock

Support Belt:
I bought mine at a consignment shop for $12, since it does not go directly on my skin I was not worried about second hand.  I highly recommend scoping out local consignment shops and sales for items like this to save some $$.  The style I got was similar to the Motherhood Maternity style.   

I don’t wear the top strap.  What I LOVE it the back-support, the breathable fabric on the back and the easily adjustable waist.  I don’t love how it makes mid-run bump photos look, but I feel like the extra support has kept baby girl off my bladder.  Also the belt keeps my under tank top down and pants up, double bonus!!

Running Buddy Support:
As you get slower you may feel like you are holding back your partner. DON’T!  That person agreed to run with you and is there for YOU!  Having someone there is important (especially as you enter 3rd trimester), don’t feel guilty, enjoy the company it will keep you from solely-focusing on your ever-present bundle of joy bouncing on your front-side (and your bladder).
I slow him down and he supports me.... TRUE LOVE!!
Good Shoes:
Pregnancy is not the time to test new shoes.  If you have a brand/style that is your old faithful keep with it.  I love my Brooks Adrenalines, I have not even thought about putting on any minimal support shoes since I have been pregnant.  My feet are flattening and widening as the weight increases making supportive shoes all the more crucial.

Tall Mom Pregnant Running Tips:

  • 1.      Take credit for every movement.  I run, jog, walk, etc. I keep my Garmin on and record the final mileage and finish time regardless because I am proud of what I have done!!

  • 2.      Pace does not matter.  As a competitive person I find myself fixating on my Garmin at time, willing it to move back to a lower pace….but now is not the time for that.  No one cares how fast I am running.  I am running for myself and my baby not to set any speed goals. 

  • 3.      Set yourself a goal of time/distance/etc. going in, but be prepared to through that goal out if your body does not respond.  This is NOT the time to push through the pain.

  • 4.      Give yourself a BREAK.  If there is anything I have learned while running during pregnancy it is that my body is very fickle.  I can set out with the best of intentions and quickly realize that it is not going to work that day.  Running 2 days in a row does not work for me and that is OK.  There will be days I think I am DONE running, then follow it up with an amazing 5 miler a couple days later. 

  • 5.      Use Bodyglide everywhere!

  • 6.      Drink water, then more water, and more water. This will help with cramping and keep you moving on your runs.  I will drop in a Nuun tab every once in a while for some added electrolytes.

  • 7.      Start and end your runs at a bathroom and use it before and after.  The unpredictability of internal NEEDS has been a tough adjustment for me.  When nature calls I want to know how far I am from the nearest facility (or bush if in dire need). 

  • 8.      Take photos of your pregnant running.  I have really enjoyed looking back at my mid-run bump shots.  Maybe it is vain, I do love having my photo taken, but I think of it as an addition to my pregnant running journal.

  • 9.      Keep a record of your workouts.  I love using DailyMile (find me HERE) it helps me keep track of walking, hiking, running, etc. and is also a very supportive community.  The comments that people leave on my runs make me smile and remind me that what I am doing is “inspiring.”  I also have a simple week by week spreadsheet for the 40 weeks of my pregnancy where I record my mileage and little notes about the week.

  • 10.  Take care of yourself and your little one!  That is the most important tip I can give you. 
I am sure there are plenty of things I have missed.  So drop additional tips in the comments.  Sending Positive Vibes your way!!  Pregnancy update and more photos coming soon!!