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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Failing to meet my GOALS

 This is what not meeting your Goals looks like!!  Just kidding.. But this year has been a great year in running for me, I am enjoying the time with my husband and kids..  I started the year with some lofty goals, below is how I am doing.  I will be modifying going forward due to life and priority changes.  


1- Set new PR's in at least 2 distances and run more than 1,200 miles for the year.
*I have not been training for PR’s and I was super speedy (for me) when I set those PR’s so I doubt this will happen.   I am at 460 miles as of 7/11, so 1,200 is going to be a stretch.  These goals are not realistic this year.

2- Run new races. Ideas- 1 mile, 10 mile, trail race, ultra, obstacle course/mudder, etc.
*Ran the Rainier to Ruston Relay in June, which was new for me.  We plan to run a 10 miler in August.  I hope to run a trail  too.   I am scared of mudders due to past knee injury and an ultra is not in the plan for a while.

3- Earn Half Fanatic Status
*After our Half on July 15th I will earn Neptune Status with 3 Half Marathons within 90 days.- Capital City May 20, RNR Seattle June 23 and Fueled by Fine Wine July 15th (TBD).  If my math is correct that is 3 in 56 days.


1- Try 5 or more new (to me) forms of Cross-Training. Ideas- Jillian Michael's videos, Triathlon (SHHHHH), Yoga, Zumba etc.
*We have done Jillian Michaels a few times and we did Windsor Pilates once.  I need to focus on this with 4 left to try.  I would like to do Yoga soon.

2- Work on overall Muscle tone. I plan to take body measurements EEEK to get a baseline to start with and take new measurements throughout the year. If I am not going to lose weight I may as well lose inches :)
*This is a total fail, although MM and I did do the measurements,  I have only lifted a couple times, but my overall fitness is horrible.  Time to focus and make a plan that I can follow with short-term goals, etc. 

3- 1-2 days EVERY week I will lift with Muscle Man and/or do Pilates or another cross-training exercise for 30-45 minutes.
*Hmmmm not every week, every month so far this year.  This is a GREAT goal, and I need to create a plan to get on track.  When I get home I am tired and LAZY on the couch. 


1- Help Muscle Man reach his goals, which includes getting him across his first Half Marathon Finish Line.
*Half Marathon #1 done and he has become a RUNNER!!  Half Marathon #2 is this weekend.

2- Focus on the Little Studs education and fitness. Teach Little Stud #1 to read, register him for his first official race. Spend alone and focused time with Little Stud #2.
*Little Stud #1 did great in Kindergarten.  I read to the boys week nights.  I need to make more time to work site words and have him read to me at night.  While he is not registered for his first race he does ask to run more often with us.   Little Stud #2 and I need to have a `“date night” soon.

3- Find ways to inspire and work with my extended family on their fitness. I would LOVE to see my Tall Brother, Mom and in-laws work toward a 5K walk or fun run at some point this year.
*Not luck with this so far, but I have not really tried.   


1- Keep a food journal to record what I am putting in my mouth and how it impacts my energy, mood and overall health. Use this journal to create a healthy and balanced diet and to cut out the foods which cause issues.
*This lasted 2 months.  Need to get back to it as my food choices have been horrible

2- Monthly diet challenges, starting in February, each month I will set a challenge for myself to cut out or add something to/from my diet.
*FAIL.  For whatever reason I am having a hard time committing to any “Dieting” activity.

3- Learn more about the best foods to feed my family and move the kids away from the standard kid foods.
*We started a garden in the back yard which I think is a great step in the right direction.  Our boy enjoy fruits and veggies but prefer the KID foods.

  • The year is more than Half way through.  How are you doing with your GOALS?

Friday, July 6, 2012

City Blast 10K 2012

I still need to complete recaps for RNR Seattle... and product reviews... COMING SOON!!

I registered for the City Blast 10K less than 2 weeks ago, I was on the fence on if I wanted to sleep in on the 4th of July.  But when Kerrie said she was running I could not pass up the chance to re-unite with my LRB (Lunch Running buddy).  Before the race we got our packets, went in the Real bathrooms, posed in front of the fountain and had our photo taken.  There was a Mom and daughter dressed very festive and cute, the Mom took our photo.  I love seeing families active together..  The race starts and ends at the Puyallup Fair and was very well organized.

We made our way to the start area because the 10K started first.  The race announcer was awesome and told us that he loved our outfits.. BONUS!  I tried to get the Race photogs attention but now luck, he was the same guy as at the Black Diamond 5K I did a few weeks back.

Kerrie and I had one goal, to enjoy the run.. I set out with little expectations, was not sure what my foot/ankle/arch would do, it has been pestering me. As we set out I felt GREAT!! The skies were clear, we looked cute in our Team Sparkle skirts, and I had my good buddy by my side.
The course started at the Puyallup Fair and toured the streets of Puyallup, most of the course was flat except for the GIANT-LEG-KILLER- HILL on 15th st. This is how it went:

Mile 1- 8:08- We started a little fast and tried to slow ourselves down, plan was to hang around mid 8:00's.  this pace felt comfortable as I scanned the race field in front of us.  Kerrie and I had not run together for a while, I liked having her with me.  

Mile 2- 8:49- There was a long straightaway with people cheering on the right, they were super spunky and cheered for EVERYONE.  I love people like that.. THANK YOU!!  I know the streets so I knew that just after the little water stop we would take a left to the HILL.  Wow was it tough, my legs wanted to stop so badly, but we pushed through…barely.  It felt AMAZING to be on the other side and see the Garmin chime with a sub 9:00.

Mile 3- 8:12- There was a man running with us who told us that if he stayed with us then he knew he was doing good.. What a compliment to receive mid run, it gave me a little boost.  Kerrie made friends with the man whose name is Clark, Thank you Clark for helping my confidence mid-run!!   Kerrie could see I was feeling good so she told me to go ahead.  I was hesitant because I have been burning out at the end lately, but if she caught up that would be GOOD.  I told her I would see her when she caught me on the HILL and took off.  The course would repeat so I knew what was to come.

Mile 4- 7:58- This stretch was flat so I gained some speed, I knew that I was going to slow the second round on the HILL.  There were Police Officers at the road crossings, one of them was on his cell phone, I was pretty hesitant as I crossed, scared me.. This stretch also had a few people out cheering, people love the Team Sparkle skirts there was no shortage of compliments which is FUN!!

Mile 5- 8:42- As I turned to the long straightaway for the second time there were 5K walkers EVERYWHERE.. I weaved around trying to keep a good pace, then came the HILL. I changed to short choppy steps but gravity was pulling on me.  I was barely at a crawl so I walked about 4 steps.  My legs and ankle were burning.  I felt silly struggling with all the people walking around me, they had no idea I was running the 10K.  So I jogged and made it to the top..

Mile 6- 7:50- Downhill and toward the Finish..it was FLAT! There was a lady in pink who I was trying to catch the whole race, I kept my eye on her and listened to my music. I was not tired but could feel my form fading.  We were weaving around the Fairgrounds, a place I have been many times in my life and bring back good memories.  A man in cacky shorts passed me as I started picking off a few runners.  The Finish was getting close I could feel it and I still had fuel in the tank.. SCORE!!

Last .2- 7:16- I caught up and passed the man in cacky shorts and he said, "Good job, now run on your toes, it will make you faster." Wow was he right, I really need to work on my form it helps..  I tend to run feet out and on my heels.  I could see the gal in pink about 10 yards ahead, I had closed the gap but not quite.. I smiled and waved as I crossed the Finish Line.

Just after the Finish my friend Heidi was there with a High Five, I wanted to talk to her but I felt the urge to SPEW and did not want to puke on her.. Sorry Heidi!! I found the water, chugged some down, grabbed one for Kerrie and headed to watch her Finish.  She came in strong a minute or so later.  As we got some fruit I saw the Mom and her daughter, the little girl looked so HAPPY so I told her congrats...later in the day I got an email on Facebook from the Mom who is a reader.. She said that her daughter was excited that I told her good job and thanked me.. Made me melt!!  Thank you Christy for reading, next time say Hi.. I don't bite :)

We checked the Results but they seemed a little off, I don't remember seeing 5 gals our age in front of us??  We took 6th and 7th in our Age group..  My goal was to have fun and feel good at the Finish and I did.

Later that day Muscle Man went for a solo 10K run, he is so dedicated...next Half together on July 15th and it is a CRAZY one!!  Later in the day we headed to Tall Sister’s for Dinner and Fireworks.  Below are a few Family 4th Photos. 

He was getting tired and ready to go home!!

Ear protection and fun accesories

Got his second wind and ear protection so the Fireworks weren't bothering him so much

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Running on the 4th of July

I could have slept in today...instead I met Kerrie (Mom vs. Marathon) in Puyallup, WA for a 10K.  Will post the full Race Report tomorrow..  If you want to know NOW (hehe) I posted a short recap on DAILY MILE HERE... and you can always Like me on FACEBOOK HERE.
 How funny is this??  I copied Kerrie in her pose.. this is near the main fountain at the Puyallup Fair..  Like me...hehehe.. I have more time to post there then on the Blog these days.

As you can see I love to Sparkle, I raced today in a Team Sparkle skirt and Race legs.  (Not sure why this photo is sideways??)  Have you wanted to buy your own skirt and/or race legs?  If so, today is the day!!

Team Sparkle is having a "Friends & Family" Sale. & since you're my Blog family, I thought I'd share..  For one day  (starting at 12pm PST Wednesday, July 4th thru 12pm PST Thursday, July 5th), when you buy one Team Sparkle skirt, you'll receive your choice of one FREE pair of Race Legs (with the promo code SPARKLE).

Two of the Owners Kelly and Carrie were on my HTC team last year and I am sure they would love it if you joined the Team Sparkle Family :)

  • Happy 4th of July Friends!!  Celebrate our Freedom!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We RUN 4 days a week

Date Night 10K:  Muscle Man and I run 4 days a week together..  The days depend on when we have childcare, how we feel, weekly plans, etc.  We are not following a strict plan (YET).  We usually do a 5 Miler with Hills, 5K-10K with some speed work mixed in, 10K easy and a Long Run.
I have noticed a trend in Friday Night 10K’s.  So I have started calling these runs Date Nights.  The boys were less than thrilled to be loaded into the jogger AGAIN, so I grabbed some snacks.  Little Stud #2, as usual, fell asleep instantly.  LS#1 kept asking us questions like “How much Longer?”  I tried to push the Double Stroller but the off-and-on pain I have had in my right foot/ankle came back so I only lasted for just over a mile. 

I love how excited and positive MM is now that he is getting in shape.  He loves running and it is infectious.  He wanted to speed up so we did, but then he got a strange pain in his side.  He told me to go on ahead so I did… Solo for about Half Mile to the Finish.

After the run we took the boys to the river and I iced my feet and calves in the cool water… FELT SO GOOD!!  We ALL played on the swings and slide then headed home.
Muscle Man doesn't like this photo but I do.. Salty Kisses!! Re-defining Date Night
 Sunday Long Run:  All childcare options were out of town so we knew we had the boys in the stroller.  I got the snacks ready: 2 juice boxes, 2 baggies of Cheeto puffs, 2 baggies of Fishy crackers, 2 granola bars, 2 apples, have to prepare for all cravings.  We also needed nearly 2 hours of entertainment, Cars 2 on the mini DVD player. 
Our silly Running buddies.  LS#1 hit a growth spurt, time for new pants!!
MM wanted to start at the Meeker trailhead since it is flatter, good when pushing kids.  However, we forgot about the S curves on the trail, the busy road crossings and the traffic noise.  We won’t pick that route next time.

It was cool and crisp, ideal Long run Weather.  All systems felt good, I was worried because I had horrible Quads cramps after the run on Friday night.  We wanted to do 10-12 and settled on 11.  The boys barely said a peep but got thirsty around 4.5 miles so we stopped, I took an Island Nectar Gu (YUMMY) and some water. 

On the return trip we both got a surge of energy and our mile paces were below 9:00.  We went with it.   I helped pushed for the straight-aways.  Passing the Farm brought back GREAT Rainier to Ruston Memories, stretching with Zoe and Kerrie waiting for Tiff.   The great part about running with my husband is the time spent just chatting.  There is no shortage of conversation, and a few less distractions than normal.   

As we approached the last mile MM thought he could end with sub 9:00 pace overall so he set out FAST.. I tried to keep stride as the pace got under 8:00 but my right arch/foot/ankle hurt!!  I am smart enough to know that pain is a sign and to not overdo it.  I slowed and kept my family in site.  MM did the math a little wrong so he didn't quite get it, but I am super proud of him for the SPEEDY finish.

11 Miles 9:09 pace for me..

  • Next up?   
    • 10K on 4th of July with Kerrie
    • Fueled by Fine Wine Half with MM on 7/15
  • What is Next for you?