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Monday, May 14, 2012

Guess and WIN!

It is official, our last Long Run is in the books!!  Only 2-3 short training runs left and Muscle Man and I will be at the starting line for his First Half Marathon!!

 I thought it would be fun to have you all GUESS what our Finish Time will be for the Capital City Half Marathon, Olympia WA on Sunday.

**Leave a Comment with your Guess.**
   Closet person/people win a PRIZE!!

  • Want to know how our 10 Miler pushing the boys went?? Check it out on DailyMile HERE

Friday, May 11, 2012

Funny Pose Friday

Us PNW runners are not used to the SUN!!
I am trying to show off my new Garmin 310XT and white legs :p
Sweaty and almost done!!
Same funny pose

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No SOLO Half Marathons

When I ran my First Half Marathon, Capital City 2009, I didn't know what I was doing and just RAN and ran FAST.. I got a 1:43:49.. My second Half I hoped for a PR but it wasn't my day, thankfully it was a small race and I ended up being the 1st Place woman!!  My 3rd Half Marathon I had been sick for 2 weeks leading up to the race.  It was Mercer Island on my good friend Amanda's (HERE) Birthday.  She was aiming for a PR.  I thought about running with her, to help pace her, and to be with my friend, but for some reason we didn't connect.  So I ran ALONE, up and down all the HILLS, sick, killing myself.  When I finally got to the Finish Line no one was there for me, all of my friends were still on the course.  Something in me SNAPPED and since then I have not run a Half Marathon solo..

My 'Pacing' History
#4- Super Jock & Jill- Pacing Jill to a PR
#5- You Go Girl- Pacing Tonya to a PR

#6- Seattle RNR- Running with my buddies Amanda/Jess.
#7- See Jane- Helping me Tall Sister Jayne finish her First Half
#8- You Go Girl- Trying to pace Kim to a sub 2:00, I failed :(
And here we are at Half Marathon #9 and again I will be running with someone.. This time the LOVE of my life..  The best part about pacing my Husband is that I truly KNOW him.  I am learning more about him as a Runner, the best ways to encourage him and when needed push him. Our training runs have been great and I feel blessed to have him by my side for my next Half

***Last night I asked Tall Sister, who recently moved down the block, if she would watch the Little Studs so we could run a 10K solo..  She said YES!!  Thanks Sister!!

From the first stride I felt AMAZING.. Totally connected with my legs, my breathing, everything felt perfect.  I knew that we could kill Muscle Man's 10K PR, which he has improved on every week.  It was a BUMMER because MM was off, Dinner was not sitting well and he got a side-ache early on.  Everything in me wanted to go FAST, so I kept at a comfortable/fast pace a few steps ahead of him.   I could tell he was struggling, but I wanted to test his limits, to see what he would do.

I want to know how to help support him when it gets tough.  The answer?  Run ahead of him a little.  He kept up with me, despite struggling and feeling like crap. I slowed down for mile 4 and asked if he wanted to walk, he said no and kept going.  He told me to run ahead, he knew that I wanted to go-go-go.  for the next mile I sped ahead, with MM about 100yards behind.  He picked up his pace to keep me in site.  After the mile I stopped and waited, I wanted to finish the run together.  He caught up and we headed toward the car.  Overall pace for the run 8:50!!  He felt like crap and still pulled out sub 9:00 miles for a 10K!!

With his First Half Marathon 11 days away he is right where he needs to be.. and I won't be SOLO.

****Now Half Marathon #10- Seattle Rock N Roll??  Will I be ready to go it alone again??

Time will tell!!

  • Have you run a Half Marathon with a friend, family member, spouse?  Share your story

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fixated by Definition:

1. To make fixed, stable, or stationary.
2. To focus one's eyes or attention on: fixate a faint object.
3. To command the attention of exclusively or repeatedly; preoccupy obsessively

The 3rd definition really hits home for me.

Do you ever find yourself totally FIXATED on something?

It may be my own version of OCD, I am not sure, but I can easily get caught up on one thing to the point where I can't seem to let it go. I find this personality trait to be a BLESSING and a CURSE.  Since this is a Running Blog, and I am not a professional counselor, I will keep with that for my examples.


Being FIXATED helps you to never lose site of what you want.  The lazer attention can lead you to results that you could not have imagined. 

-Think of the Iron Man Finishers who pass out just after they cross the line…. They were FIXATED on the Finish Line and once they got there….BAM!!  At what point did their body give out? Could have been miles and miles ago, but the brain took over and carried them the rest of the way.. Being FIXATED in this example is a combination of heart, head and GUTS over and over until the race is done.

-Training can be considered a Fixation, think about it, training for anything really commands your attention, takes over your life.. You live, eat, breathe, sleep, all to get through the training.  Those who are able to manage that level of attention/commitment will reap the rewards.

-Being FIXATED on Weight Loss is essential for those who are trying to real a *healthy weight.  Counting calories, eating right, working out, every morsel that goes in accounted for.  Eventually if you are FIXATED enough it may become a way of life, requiring a little less all-encompassing thought.  

* I realize that some who are fixated on weight have an unhealthy obsession. I am not talking about anorexia or bulimea, my example are those who accomplish weight loss the right way and reach a "healthy" weight.


What about when things don't go your way? 

-You get injured.  All you can think about is the injury and how frustrated you are.  How PT is a pain and you can't wait to be whole again.  It is hard watching others doing what you love. 

-That goal you set and put in months of hard work, just to come up short on race day.  All that time training?? For what?? To flop on race day?  UGH!!! You want to prove that you could do better.  You want to run another Marathon to get the goal.  You are frustrated and can't believe that all that time was for "nothing."  You go back and forth trying to make yourself feel better.  "Finishing the race was enough," but at the end of the day you still wish you had a redo.

I tend to let things get in my head and stay there.  I get so FIXATED that I can't pull myself out.  It can be a vicious cycle leading to depression and self-abuse.


If you find yourself complacent and want the BLESSING of being FIXATED on something, set a Goal.  Create actions and realistic timelines that will get you to that Goal.  Commit the goal to your mind.  Put reminders on your calendar and in plain site so it is on the forefront of your thoughts.  Reward yourself along the way so that this commitment feels good.

If you are crippled by the CURSE of being FIXATED try a few things:

-Practice being in the moment.  Don't let your mind run.  Whatever activity you are doing commit yourself fully.  Be aware of your surroundings, the people, the places etc.  Let what is bothering you go and LIVE in the moment.  Use all of your senses, you will be amazed how good it feels.

-Find a way to make it Positive.  Think of Cancer survivors, those who keep a positive outlook and fight are more successful.  Change the way you think about something and you may just change your world.

-Talk to others.  I find venting, although a bit childish, does make me feel better.  Be careful not to vent too much, no one wants to be around Debbie Downer.  Giving what you are FIXATED on a voice could be what you need to work through it. 

-Think about something else!!!  There are a million things you can think about.  Don't give in to what you are FIXATED on, move past it.

  • Leave a comment with examples of when you were FIXATED on something and you found it to be a BLESSING and/or CURSE.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Running HAPPY

Last year while running Hood to Coast I remember seeing the Handful team in bright orange, they were smiling, the whole team was out at every transition and they were cheering on every team.  They were positive, and having an amazing time… when I learned I would not join nuun at HTC this year the Handful gals immediately popped in my brain…  BUT… I didn't want to run for a corporation if I didn't like the product..

Sooo.. I ordered a bra, they were having end of the season SALES HERE.. I also ordered a bucket cap because it was adorable and I love orange.. The product came quickly and I wore the bra that night.. SCORE!!  I love the support and femininity of the Handful bra..  I wrote an email expressing interest in joining the team, not expecting a reply.  To my surprise and DELIGHT the CEO replied and said they had a spot due to an injury..  I have found a team for Hood to Coast!!  I will be in Van #2, my hope was to be Van #1, but to be able to run the Mother of all Relays is a treasure regardless of the Van..  My team is totally organized, the team Captain is stellar!!  I am excited to make new friends on the run.


Wow is my husband gaining some SPEED…  For those of you who keep up with me on Dailymile HERE (http://www.dailymile.com/people/tallmomontherun#ref=tophd) you have noticed.  He has the endurance and suddenly his legs want to MOVE..

Thursday Rainy 10K:
It was pouring rain, I mean pouring!!  But we knew we had weekend travel plans so we had to fit in a good 10K, probably not the best idea since I was sick earlier in the week.   We didn't set out to break any records but when the first mile chimed and we felt great we just went with it..

1- 8:13
2- 8:42
3- 8:57
4- 9:14 (slight hill)- I tried to push but my knee was on fire so MM took over
5- 9:16 (bigger hill)- we traded off pushing me on the flat parts
.2- 8:08

NOTE: We were the only CRAZIES on the trail.

Finish time- 54:49, in the pouring rain, pushing the boys (they were under the rain cover).. This is nearly a 3 minute Family Pushing Boys PR, last week we ran a 57:39..

AMAZED at my husband and his progress, this was sub 9:00 pace (8:50)!!

LOVE LOVE this man!!!

New outfit from the Nike Outlet SCORE for $30!!
Sunday Sunny 10 Miler:

I was LOW on energy after traveling for a couple hours home in the morning.. I was hoping I would get jazzed as we hit the trail but I slogged along.. Thankfully MM was full of energy so he pushed the boys for over 80% of the run, and he kept a good pace.  My knee has been causing me issues when I try to push the boys :(

The trail was PACKED!! There was a bike event of some sort and a group of about 20 cub scouts that we leap frogged with a few times. It was about 65, we gulped down our 2 water bottles and then some.

Our boys were good the second half of the run, we had to stop a few times for various reasons (snacks, to water the plants, etc), always for them..

1:34:02- 9:20 Average pace!!  When I finally get MM out from behind that stroller and in a race scenario it is going to be amazing!

****2 weeks to race day.

Speaking of Races this is my schedule for the next few months:


May 20th- Capital City Half Marathon, Olympia, WA (Muscle Man's first)

June 2nd- Rainier to Ruston Relay team Honey Buckettes
**they still have spots open check it out HERE

June 23rd- Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon

July 15th- Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon, Dundee, OR (For fun with MM)

August 18th- MAYBE Railroad Days 5K or 10K

August 24-25th- Hood to Coast with team 2Hot2Handful

September 9th- Iron Girl Seattle 5K

September 16th- You Go Girl Half Marathon, Tacoma, WA

  • Do you have any Running HAPPY news to report??
  • Leave a comment if you will be at any of the races above.. I love love meeting new people.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


What are your priorities?

How do you decide what is worth your time, effort and energy?

When I first started running these were my priorities...

1.  Lose baby weight

2.  Run a mile without stopping

3.  Finish my first 5K

Of course I had LIFE priorities in there as always, but for the sake of this blog, I will just talk about my RUNNING PRIORITIES.

As time passed I dropped weight, gained endurance and signed up for races left and right.  With new vision I ran on and on...

1.  Finish a Half Marathon

2.  Increase my speed

3.  Eat for fuel to get to Goal Weight

All good things!!  My first half marathon was SPEEDY (for me) and I was racing at my goal weight.  What an amazing feeling to know I could run longer and faster than I ever imagined..

While training for the Half I realized I had more in me...

1.  Finish a Marathon

2.  Qualify for Boston

3.  Become a Marathon maniac

These priorities took up a TON of my time and focus!! I was a Marathon training machine.  It felt good to be able to pop off 20++ mile training runs at a decent clip. I don't feel I am built to run long long distances, but during this time I made it a priority. Along the way I built friendships which made the miles much more enjoyable :)

A few months after I qualified for Boston…LIFE happened!!  My Dad passed away unexpectadly... When you suffer a loss of someone close to you it really shakes you.. I almost didn't run Boston because I felt like Running had taken full priority in my life and that was not sitting well with me..


Where are my priorities today?

1.  Help Muscle Man Finish his first Half Marathon

2. Let the miles come without expectations on speed or distance.

3.  Run for the joy of it, no pressure.

I feel like I have come full circle in my running "career."  Will I want to get back to training hard to set new PR's?  Maybe.  Will I want to see the Finish of my first ultra?  Sure.  Do I envy those who are running fast marathons?  TOTALLY!

But for now I am right where I NEED and WANT to be and wow does that feel good…I am so proud of what I have accomplished the past 4 years.  Running has become a way of life for me, which is AMAZING!!  If you know what you want, where you want to be it is as simple as charting the course to get there.. Or sometimes, slowing down to find what you needed was there all along..

A few quotes about Priorities:

The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, 
but to schedule your priorities.  
-Stephen R. Covey

Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it.  Establish your priorities and go to work.
-H.L. Hunt

We realize our dilemma goes deeper than shortage of time; it is basically a problem of priorities.  We confess, we have left undone those things that ought to have done; and we have done those things which ought not to have done. 
-Charles E. Hummel

Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in positive directions, these can be changed as your priorities change, new one added, and others dropped.

Review our priorities, ask the question; What is the best use of our time right now?

What comes first, the compass or the clock?  Before one can truly manage time (the clock), it is important to know where you are going, what your priorities and goals are, in which direction you are headed (the compass).  Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going.  Rather than always focusing on what's urgent, learn to focus on what is really important.

What is your RUNNING PRIORITY right now??

-Recover from injury
-Run while pregnant- Nancy :)
-Get Faster
-Run Longer
-Take to the trails
-Qualify for Boston
-Drop some baggage (weight or otherwise)
-Inspire/coach another person to their goals
-Enjoy the journey

***Determine your priority...and go for it.. knowing that you can change/shift at any time :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend recap and the FUN to come

Saturday- 4 miles 9:36 (stop and go) pace
The weather was pretty nice.. We piddled around in the morning, then around 11:30 Muscle Man decided he wanted to run our long run, pushing the boys?!?!?!  I was a little baffled since I already had Tall Grandma on the line to watch the boys the next morning… And I knew that Muscle Man would need to eat soon… Hmmmm… Not to get in his way, I got snacks ready and we set out..

I had Muscle Man take a very staged photo of me…

 Have I told you that we have a team for Rainier to Ruston?? Race info HERE:

50.8 miles with my 4 Bloggy buddies

Kerrie HERE, Zoe HERE, Tiffany HERE and I are the...

Honey Buckettes

***I had originally thought of Honey Bucket Inspectors, but Muscle Man came up with a more feminine name..

So I took this photo for the team theme.. I also emailed the kind people at Honey Buckets to see if they had any gear or signs we could use for the 50 mile relay… I did not expect a reply, to my surprise they responded.. How 'Stinkin' awesome is that? (hehehe)

>>>>Back to the run, we set out and the boys were FUSSY!! And by boys I mean all 3.  Poor Muscle Man had a cramp in his side and was SUPER HUNGRY (Did I call it or what?)  I knew there was no way we would get in a long run, but we could salvage a few miles..  We went out half way and then took the little trail to the river so the boys could toss in some sticks, the ice/snow storm in January had knocked down trees across the path.  I got a few scrapes in the effort but didn't realize until we got home. 

We turned back, 4 miles done… good news is we would have fresh legs for the long run take #2 the next day..
Sunday- 12 miles, 10:03 pace

Tall Grandma watched the boys (thanks Mom!!) so we opted to start from the Orting Park.  The trail was busy busy with people, bikers and runners.  It was a strange mix, almost like there were trainers with their clients.  We also saw 5 couples, which was very cool.  There was a group of 3 well-dressed women on bikes, one lady complimented my grey Sugoi jacket…they stopped to check out the area that looks like a Beaver created it, but there is no Beaver, we ran past.. As they sped by again they asked what we were training for… on their return trip they cheered us on, very nice!!

I wore a jacket like a dope, not needed in 55', so I took it off when I stopped to admire a large bullfrog in the marshy area next to the trail.  The goal was to run 11-12 miles, when we got around the turn MM picked 12!!  About the mid way point we saw a older-looking man on the street which parallels the trail, he was jogging, wearing a stocking cap, sweats and sweatshirt… he stopped, looked both ways then dropped and started doing pushups.. VERY STRANGE!

6.0 miles done, half way… MM had his Chocolate Gu, I had a couple chomps, we both drank from our handhelds, and off we went.  The return trip is a slight decent, which felt really good.  We saw some of the usual people, funny how you get to 'know' people if you run a path enough… Having a high metabolism is tough, my poor hubby was pretty depleted toward the end.  I mentioned that there was a McDonald's near the trail head…pretty sure he ran the last mile for FOOD.. Our final mile was the fastest of the run.. 

I am happy to report that I (we) have run over 100 miles for the month!!  Gotta love sticking (sort of) to a training plan!!  2 longs runs left before MM's first Half on May 20th!!

  • CONGRATS to all of you who raced last weekend.. With Eugene, Big Sur and other races there was a lot going on.  I am PUMPED it is racing season!!!