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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being Green

Today is a SPECIAL Day for the Tall Mom on the Run Blog. It is the 2nd Bloggy Birthday :) I had grand plans...which will come tonight, tomorrow, this weekend as I am lost in a SWAMPY GREEN MARSH OF WORK... Stay tuned..

For now enjoy your day and keep on Running..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today is Wednesday HALF way through the Week. How is your week going?? Let's talk about more HALF's Shall we??

My lovely Big-little Sister (big because she is older and little because she is smaller) registered for her first HALF!!! The see Jane Half.. and how perfect is that her name is Jayne :) The race is July 17th in Seattle, all female and should be GREAT. If you are interested in Registering go HERE.
Big-little Siss ran her first 5K this weekend!! I wish I could have been there but I had 20 miles on the plan. I loved seeing the pictures and I am SOOOO Excited for Team Tall Mom at the HALF in July, Jayne, Amy and Me. How adorable is she???
We are about Half way through the month. How are you doing with the 93 mile CHALLENGE? Training for a Marathon has helped me I am at 83 miles today and should surpass the target this week. With 15 days left in the month make a plan. You CAN do this!!

On Sunday Amy and I set out for 10-13 miles. NO PRESSURE I left the mileage up to her. I was along for the ride to cheer her on. I used the run to TEST my CEP Compression socks HERE. These socks felt great on my calves which were a little tender from the speedy 20 miler the day before.
After this run I think I NEED to have a little compression in Boston. Posing to show off the socks. Amy borrowed my Nathan Speed 4 Fuel belt HERE. Since we are the same size she can test my gear before spending the $$.
My cute buddy said she felt like Bob the Builder :) She was decked out in St. Patty's green with adorable hair. I joked that she would get SOAKED and have dripping wringlet curls, but it hardly rained at all. The temp was perfect, no wind, later that day there was a crazy storm so glad we missed it.

About 3 miles in I spotted a Bald Eagle perched high on the big tree next to the trail, Amy then saw a second Bald Eagle...we STOPPED!! It is just too cool to see these huge birds so close up. She took video and we set back out. The trail was fairly quiet and we opted to turn at mile 6 and decide to add miles on at the end depending on how Amy felt. Always good to stretch, but I could feel my soreness. My left foot was stinging, at the time I did not know why.

The last bit was a blur, talking and taking in the sites and smells of the cow pasture :) As we got close to the end Amy said she wanted to get into the "teens", pride swelled!! I have been sorta coaching Amy, and she is doing so AMAZING! We hit the turn and went back toward the cows. There was a guy doing plyometric type air climbing, it made me chuckle. I caught my breath after laughing and we turned back. We did the Math just right and ended with 13.1!!! CONGRATS AMY!! I am working on her medal. Such a treat to be with someone when they hit a huge goal. Her first Half Marathon is not until June, she is WAY ahead of her training :)

When I got home I realized that my toes were covered in blood.. Hmmm!! Not sure why? But look at my shoe..
Thankfully I scored on a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline from Fleet Feet Bonney Lake so I wont have to wear these bloody bad boys in Boston. Speaking of Boston, go check out my possible race outfit HERE.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A little SWAMPED today.. will have to write about my Sunday run tomorrow... in the mean time...

I ALWAYS thought I would be a Basketball Coach Growing up... I even applied for the head coach job for my Alma Mater High School and was passed up. My Running journey has lead me to want to learn MORE and help others in the process. Today I am a certified RRCA Running Coach.. that being said I do not feel fully confident charging to be a Coach.. I need practice. Insert my WONDERFUL buddies/guinea-pigs, ladies who are willing to trust me with 16 weeks of their Running fate.


First Marathon Portland 2011, on a RAINY day with a STRONG performance. She has untapped speed and a runner's physique. The PLAN is for her Second Marathon. Harmony is training for the Spokane Windermere Marathon May 14th and will be amazing!! I developed a 4 day a week plan around her daycare schedule with some ambitious Goal Pace miles during her long runs and recovery runs the following day. She is ROCKING her training despite the SNOW covered roads, frigid temps and a broken treadmill. I wish I could run with her, but the 4 hours and Mountain pass between us makes it hard.

We keep in touch via text, email and I asked her nicely to log her miles on Daily Mile. So far so good, although there have been a few hiccups on my part, inputting the wrong date, not having the column total, not explaining the key at the bottom, etc. All good lessons for me as I go forward with Coaching.

Chelsea told me last September that she was ready for her First Half Marathon and asked if I would help coach her. TOTALLY Honored!! Race day is Rock N Roll Seattle June 25th so Chelsea is only 1 week into her 4 day a week training. She likes to cross-train, so we are trying to keep her schedule flexible. Since she is newer to the racing I created her zones based on a 5K race. The First plan I created was way to SLOW, she set me straight and now has a good plan which will get her to the start line ready to run and FINISH.

We keep in touch via text, email, facebook and daily mile and the occasional Greek Dinner. Since she is just an hour down the road, I plan to run with Chelsea after Boston, when she is into her higher mileage training weeks.

  • Please head over and visit my ladies and wish them GOOD LUCK from Coach Tall Mom.

  • Need coaching advice? Email (Tallmomontherun @ hotmail) I will reply as soon as I can. If I don't know the answer I will find someone who does.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tall Mom and Tink the Trainer for Twenty

Most of my Fleet Feet Buddies ran their LR on Friday.. THANKFULLY Carol-Ann AKA Tink was game for 20 mile. Check out Carol-Ann on her new Blog HERE. We set out at 7:30 hoping to beat the CRAZY rain clouds about to open. The night before the Run I had taken my Mom out to Mexican, BAD IDEA, and I was not able to get in a PRP, so I hope my stomach would make it the whole run.

Carla HERE came up and said Hi and took this photo. Nice to meet you Carla :) I love it when people say Hi, meeting new running buddies is GREAT!! Keep that in mind if you see me on the trail or at a race...just say Hi Tall Mom, I promise I won't bite, but you will get a dimpled smile..
I truly could put Tink in my pocket.. this photo proves it.

  • SIDENOTE: I was testing the Nike shirt I was hoping to wear for Boston.. Gear FAIL!! The shirt grew 2 sizes as it got wet and sweaty, the tights did not play well with the skirt, so I had to constantly pull up the skirt the whole run. UGH!! Back to searching for my race day ensemble.
The first half of the run I felt pretty good, tired but good. The baby cows were out and too cute. A few runners here and there and no wind or rain.

Half Marathon time- 1:57:22

I made the mistake of telling my buddy that my plan said last 8 miles at race pace, my goal is about 8:33 pace or sub 3:45 Marathon. I also said I was not feeling well and didn't think I could pull out those fast miles... EXCUSES!! Jillian-style she SPED UP at mile 12... Pretty sure she keeps her Pixie dust on the trail somewhere, I wish she would share ;)

The rest of the run went like this-

8:33, 8:27, 8:46 (a bit slower than pace), 8:33, 8:23, 8:20, 8:31, 8:26, and 8:22.

Mind you the RAIN came at mile 14 and I had horrible stomach cramps the last 7 miles. It was TOUGH!! I had to pull out all of my MENTAL tricks to keep up with my little trainer buddy. SO GLAD to have her today, I needed someone to chase. Thank you Tink, you are one hardcore little trainer. We ROCKED this run!! Soggy and FREEZING post run.. BRRR!!! And I wasn't done running.... I am PROUD to say I ran 33.1 miles this weekend... But the second HALF is a story for a different day.

  • How was your Weekend?
  • 5 weeks to BOSTON!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Admit

I missed my 6 miler on Thursday and did not make it up... I was stressed, busy and on the nerge of getting sick... So I skipped it, I feel GUILTY not crossing that day off my training plan...


Today I went out there and TOTALLY redemed myself :) With the help of a little Pixie Dust.. Back with the full details on Monday. I hope you are able to find some MAGIC on the Run this weekend..

Can't wait to see how I did? Find me and Friend me on Dailymile HERE.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Cant Keep Up

So I am not even going to try. I hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND!! With my Big Girl job on hyper-drive and 20 miles on schedule tomorrow along with an Auction for a friend's Charity and another 10-13 miles on Sunday...I am just a LITTLE overloaded...

For now enjoy some of the fun Quotes/photos I have collected Blogging this past 2 years. This Blog Turns 2 on March 17th, so look for some FUN FUN Tall Mom Bloggiversary happenings next week.

What do you have this weekend?
Leave a Comment maybe someone else reading will be at the same race, event, trail etc... If you have a Giveaway or Raffle going on please leave a comment so others can enter :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the HOUSE

It was pouring buckets around time for me to run on my lunch break. I have been FIGHTING a cold, I will not say I am sick because so far it has not hit...but I have a sore/scratchy throat, sinus congestion and a persistent headache.. So I thought it best not to run in the rain and wait to get home.

Had a great dinner, relaxed for a bit and it was time to RUN.. Muscle Man moved the treadmill I started my DVR of "House" and set out.

  • SIDEBAR: I love watching House although some of the story lines are a bit far fetched. This last episode was different but totally entertaining, with a few funny dream sequences, the dance number was my favorite they can really sing. Below is the cast, although that is the old group, Amber Tamblyn has joined the group, did anyone every watch "Joan of Arcadia"? I liked that show and suddenly it was over. I also liked her in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, yep I love mindless girly movies. I couldn't help but wonder if Hugh Laurie has ever run a Marathon?? He looks pretty darn fit. I looked him up HERE, but nothing.. Oh well..
Back to my run. To run on the treadmill I need a towel, water and something to keep me entertained. I use the towel to cover the screen or I was STARE AT IT THE WHOLE TIME. I had hopes for a SPEEDY 7 miles and set out at 7:47 pace. Around mile 2.6 my right toes were going numb, I think my shoes are a bit too tight...so I hit STOP and changed shoes. Little Stud #1 ran upstairs because he thought I was done and was ready to run.. "Sorry Buddy Mommy still has miles to go."

Back on and the sub 8's felt too fast so I changed the speed to about 8:20's. The boys played upstairs running circles around me. I would notice the BOREDOM during the commercial breaks. I knew I would be done when the show was about over.

The Last Mile I opted to kick it up and try for sub 8:00's for the run.. FASTER FASTER FASTER the last .25 I was going 6:19 pace, but my sprint was a little too late. I ended the 7 miler at 56:13 and just over 8:00 Miles. SUCCESS!!

Done!!! Dripping in sweat I sat and watched Top Model for a few minutes while LS#1 jogged on the treadmill. I was THIRSTY but did not want to leave him alone so I sped down the stairs, this is when this happened next..

OUCH!! I fell HARD on my left hip and crumpled to the ground. Sweaty socks, carpeted stairs and a 6'0 ungraceful oaf don't mix. All the glory of my speedy run vanished and confirmation that I am a big DOOF returned ;) Today my hip hurts a little, I hope I did not do much damage.

  • We have all had injuries on the Run. Tell me about your "Life Injuries" or "That could have been bad moments" things that may have sidelined you (or almost) from running but did not happen on the Run.

  • How do you pass the time while on the Treadmill?