6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Run at Altitude

Stats for 3/6:
Time- 1:02
7.38- Miles
8:22- Pace
Had time just after lunch to get a quick run in. Last run at Altitude.

We had a lull in the middle of the last day of the event, so although I had just eaten a full lunch, I wanted to take advantage of the time. Got dressed in no time, had a quick pit stop and headed out.

Brooks top, Sugoi tights, Lucy skirt, headsweats band and New Balance gloves. I am trying to decide what I will wear for the Mercer Island Half on 3/21, so I am taking the Zoe approach, wearing less clothes knowing that I will heat up fast. It works!
I ran down the hill, was FAST and felt amazing. As I reached the river trail I wondered if the path went the other direction. It ended quickly, so I stopped to take a quick picture. SOOO beautiful! I got my snow fix while in Colorado.
I was not feeling 100% because of lack of sleep, being on my feet a lot of the day, adjusting to altitude and having a hurt stomach. But I did not let the excuses in, I just ran. My right foot has been bothering me, I am not sure if it is the insoles, shoes, or what, but I need to fix it ASAP!! The second half of the run was tough, I had to stop a couple times to respond to work emails, MULTITASKING!! If you are ever in the BEavercreek or Avon area I highly recommend this trail. I was so pumped when I plugged in to see the BQ pace, at altitude!! WOOT!!

As for my GOALS:
-I ran 4 times and snowshoed once.. WIN!
-I lost 4 pounds!! What?? Not sure how that happened but I did. WIN!
-I did not stress about the miles, but I am very excited to ramp up the miles this week. WIN!
-I did not embrace the treadmill, I am not a treadmill runner...but I tried. WIN!
  • HAPPY MONDAY! I am taking the day off to be with the family and get in a LONG run while the baby naps. Hope you are having a great one.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow Shoe in the Dark

Our group had dinner at a great place on top of the slopes. We gave the attendees the option to Snow Shoe back down after dinner. Being the adventurous Event Planner I opted to go with the group. IT WAS A BLAST!!

I was afraid it would be too dark, but once we got going with our headlamps darkness was not an issue. I think I am getting the hang of this altitude stuff and I was finally not gasping for breath. The group was mostly older folks and an 8 year old, so we took it at a medium pace. I tromped through the snow, making holes and at one point I fell on my bum. I figure that took the embarrassment away from anyone who fell after me...so it was totally planned :)

If you have never been snow shoeing I totally recommend it. A great workout and a fun way to play in the white stuff.

The best picture I could get. Hope you all are having a GREAT WEEKEND! I get to go home today, a couple days early, YIPPEE!! I will be back tomorrow to review how I did on my goals and to show you more photos of running in Colorado!

Friday, March 5, 2010

High Five

Hello friends!!

I have not run

I have not blogged

I have worked and tried to stay awake

I am not feeling well, think the food on the road is taking over my stomach... UGH!!

So High Five to everyone who is racing this weekend, TMB, Katye, Marlene, and all the other Disney Princess half marathoners!! And there are sooo many Giveaways!! Wish I had time to link them all. Once I get back to reality!!

HUGE HUGE FIVE to the Tall Mom Running Authors of "Run Like a Mother" HERE Dimity and Sarah, props to you ladies for all your hard work and effort on this book for Moms who Run!!

OK I better go... Will be back soon, but may take this weekend off from Bloggy land. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beauty of a new place to RUN

Stats for 3/3:
Time- 54:29
6.5- Miles
8:26- Pace
Beautiful day in the hills of Beaver Creek Colorado while on business.


To tell you that my run was awesome is a total understatement. It was Majestic!! I talked to the concierge about running options. She told me that I could run down the hill and find the path along the river, then take the shuttle back up.. Hmmmm.. I knew I had a little over an hour to play with if I got up early enough.

Set out my gear the night before, put on my cold weather duds and new Sugoi tights and headed out. The run started with 2.3 miles down hill and I finally found my SPEED at high altitude. It felt GREAT to run fast!! I hoped to get in 6-8 miles, but knew I only had about an hour. And look what I found...

A paved trail with uninterrupted running for miles! And it overlooked this river with snow and icicles, so pretty!! I was in Runner Heaven. New place to run, explore and see the land by the power of my size 10's. THIS IS WHY I RUN!!!

I brought my phone for safety and about midway through I felt it buzz, I am working an event so I was sorta curious what it would be. Buzzed again.. UGH!! So I stopped, replied to the email and tried to start again. Stopping was a bad idea, I got cold and the altitude caught up to me. So I opted to turn and head back. Here is a list of all the COOL things about this lovely run in the beautiful state of Colorado:

-Million dollars homes covered in snow
-People in their cars staring at me like I was an alien
-A Hawk perched next to a little bird that was pestering it
-Deep Pools of deep water, so clear you could see the bottom
-Treadmill runners inside a hotel that bordered the path (hmmmm people go outside!!)
-Blue sky and mountains

Thanks to everyone for your support while I have been finding my way during this busy time in a new place. I know now that I can get in a long run and I am REALLY looking forward to it!! I am soooo sorry for being absent in commenting, but I barely have time or an Internet connection. Also Thanks for entering the Inperspire Giveaway!!


PS. I pre-apologize I doubt that High Five Friday will happen this week :(

PPS. My brain is toast so the "STU" alpha post will have to wait until next week..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3/3 Inperspire Giveaway

Welcome new Bloggy pack members!! You picked a different week to join the Tall Mom Blog. I am TRYING to keep up with emails, blogs, posting, commenting, calling hubby, working, sleeping running, ETC... while on work travel, but KEEPING THE PACE is rough!

The next few days to come are going to be BUSY!!! Tomorrow I plan to get up EARLY, put on cold weather gear and run down the mountain. (And take the shuttle back up) Should make for an interesting "STU" post. I am hoping I will make it back to post....if not please do not worry!! It does not mean I was eaten by a rabid Porcupine or passed out on the side of a snow bank. I am more than likely SLEEPING preparing for a crazy busy week.

  • If you look at my Eugene Marathon ticker you will notice that I am now less than 2 months from race day!!! And if you look at the calendar you will notice today is 3/3. Seems like a GREAT day for a Giveaway.

This Giveaway is hosted by the wonderful folks at Inperspire HERE

We believe the world would be a happier place if everyone exercised (it certainly would be a healthier place). We also know that many of us lead busy lives and finding time for ourselves is not always easy.

When you make time to go to the gym, go for a run, or exercise at home we want your workouts to be nothing less than inspired. That is why we came up with the idea of high quality inspirational fitness towels.

Our philosophy is that everyone can be healthy... sometimes we just need a little motivation to help us along the way.

We supply the motivation. You supply the sweat!


One of Inperspire's AMAZING Sweat Towels. Below are just a few examples. I have one of these towels, the fabric is soft and the sayings make me want to SWEAT!!

  • 1. Go to Inperspire Website HERE and check out the Towels. Come back and tell me which towel you would chose if you win, leave a comment.
  • 2. Answer the Question: What Inspires you to keeping going when you want to give up. Leave a Comment.
  • 3. Leave a comment about a time when you reached max level of "Perspire".
  • 4. Donate to the Marathon for the Cure HERE or join the Tall Mom Race for the Cure HERE. Leave a comment. If you have already donated THANK YOU, you get another entry.
  • 5. Share the link to this Giveaway on your Blog, facebook, twitter, email or tell a friend, leave me a comment letting me know you shared.
Winner will be announced next Wednesday 3/10.
HAPPY 3/3!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you run down a Hill

I know it is Tuesday and I usually do Test Lab, but I am going to have to divert from course this week because my mind is taxed. So Pretty Please hang in there with my Bloggy Land. I do have one review.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers (HERE):

When I got my Stuffitts to test I sorta laughed. Pink funny looking things to STUFF in my running shoes. No way will these things work! The product tag line:

Shoes Dry Fast • Feet Stay Healthy • Closets Get Clean

I will admit it people I have STINKY FEET and my running shoes HELLO!! So when I knew I would be putting my smelly kicks in my bag to travel I was worried. I put in the Stuffitts and they worked. My shoes, although I would not recommend testing it, smell great. And when they were a bit damp after the soggy million inch run I put in the Stuffitts and had fresh dry shoes the next day. VERY COOL!! Go to the website to learn more HERE. The cost may be a deterrent and is my only gripe, but if you figure you could use these on a daily basis it really is not that much. HINT check Tall Mom the next couple days :)

When I woke up at 6AM I was ready to TACKLE my Tempo run. 8 miles, 5 miles at Tempo pace. With the Mercer Island Half this month on 3/21 I thought I should test my 7:30ish pace. I was texting my buddy Amanda (5 Miles to Empty) about my slow internet connection and the fact that I have no idea what pace I am running on the treadmill. She sent me a Treadmill MPH to Pace conversion chart, thanks Buddy! Check it out HERE, even shows the pace when you increase the incline. So I wrote down the times and headed down. Treadmill...oh treadmill....how I dislike thee. The first 1.5 was OK, then I kicked up the pace. Hmmmmm..... I wanted to tough it out, I did. I tried to look outside, listen to my Ipod, close my eyes, enything.... But alas, I GAVE UP after 3 miles and headed outside.
Since I did not really plan on going outside I did not have gloves, ear cover, etc.. Not the smartest thing to do. Snapped a quick picture with my friend the SNOW and proceeded DOWN the HILL.
This is the view of the little path that runs along the road. Parts were slick with ice and snow and other parts were clear. My friend Jessica lent me her Yaktrax, but can I run with those on dry pavement? Anyhow I took it SLOW and was enjoying the view. It got COLD so I pulled up my hood.
I began to feel like I weighed 333lbs...still getting used to this altitude. So with 1 mile down I decided to head back up. SLOW and steady....SLOW and steady....move legs move!! I was happy to be outside and to be running, well if you call it running, more like shuffling. So 2 days of running done. I did not get in the 8 miles of tempo on plan, but I am not beating myself up about it.
Tall Mom personal philosophy that has really helped me on my path to fitness and health is to celebrate the successes instead of dwelling on the shortfalls. No I did not get in 8. But I ran 5 miles, a TOUGH 5 miles, and that my friends, is something to be proud of.
  • What are you proud of today?
PS. I saw a Porcupine close-up VERY VERY cool!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tall Mom Treadmill Tales 1

Stats for 2/28:
1:25:10- Time
8:31- Pace
Running at 6am in High Altitude Beavercreek Colorado.

Treadmill PR!!! LOL!! The furthest I have ever run on a treadmill was 5 miles, I am not a treadmill runner. I woke at 5:45AM to get the the gym by 6AM to get my Long run in. Fitting it in this week will be tough. I HOPED for 16 but knew I would be happy with 10.

Picture this:
  • Tall Mom gets on high tech treadmill and stares dumbfounded... Hmmmm.. manual start. Yippee the Kardasians are on the TV, shoot the headphone connection sucks. UGH! Switch treadmills.
  • Set up water bottle, plug in headphones, manual start. Wait I need miles not time, UGH! Restart. No Kardashians, UGH! Settle for "Deep Blue". Run.
  • Can't breath, UGH! I can see myself in the window because it is still dark out, UGH! Focus you can do this!! What does 7mph mean? How does this translate to pace? Can I wear my Garmin? Will it work? Who knows? STARE AT SCREEN!! Why are the miles passing so slow?
  • Towel falls off and goes crashing to the floor... 3 miles in. I note the time, hit pause, get towel, get back on treadmill. Hit Quickstart, it restarts, UGH!
  • Adjust back to miles, continue watching lame movie with a lot of fighting and diving under water for far more time than humanly possible. Feel like I am breathing under water.
  • Hitting a good stride, suddenly stomach feels horrible.. UGH! I want to get my 5++ miles for the Cassie's Virtual relay (Who knew I would get booted from the team for the FAST Shelly). Hit Pause, pause lasts 60 seconds, where is the bathroom?? Almost went in the Men's, UGH!
  • Back to treadmill to start over (AGAIN) quickstart, people are starting to fill the Resort gym. I switch from 7mph to 6.8mph, I am sucking wind, darn altitude, UGH!
  • Beautiful snow and a heated pool just outside the window. The man I thought was standing still in a cowboy hat in the dark is a statue, DER UGH!
  • STARE at miles, come on!! Why is this taking sooooo long? Movie over, watch interview with USA figure skater, why didn't they show his performance? Must have missed it. UGH!
  • Change the channel to Roesanne... Wow this show is stupid but I only have energy to run not to change the channel again. UGH!
  • SOOOO close... I am tired and I want to be done.. 3....2....1... STOP! Victory, some dude is staring at me and wants the treadmill although there are 3 others open, UGH!
  • Done, but I forgot to take a picture, UGH! Boring post, check!!
  • Later in the day visit the concierge for info on running outside.. DOWN a huge hill and either run back up for take a bus back to the top.. Hmmmm UGH!

So that was my first experience and as rough as it was and with all the "UGHS" I am very proud of myself and would not trade a minute, well maybe the minutes restarting the darn machine.

LESSON: You will never regret running, but you will regret the run you don't get done.