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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Fills Your Pie

As a Working/Running/Blogging Mom my plate is nearly always FULL. Being busy is my life and I have accepted that. I TRY to keep a positive attitude and in general I am successful. How you ask?

My Best Friend Charity introduced me to the idea of my PIE. There are times in life when you feel depleted like something is missing...your PIE is not full. After having a Girls Night with me she would leave and say "Thank you my Pie is Full now."

It is the easiest thing in the world to just be sad. To let all the things that make you stressed and depressed take over. Granted there are times when life does not make sense and you must depart from the world to mourn, take that time. More often than not, the things we let get us down is all a matter of how we think about LIFE.

Mind, Body, and Soul= Your PIE

Things that Fill my PIE:

-Muscle Man and his doting and loving words.

-RUNNING...Good days and bad days, I love to be out in Nature by the power of my size 10's.

-Hugs and Kisses from my Little Studs.

-Girls Night and phone calls from my Friends.

-My Mom calling to ask what I need from Trader Joes.

-Hosting "High Five Friday" and reading all of the Race Reports after the weekend.

-Vendors who believe in me and are willing to let me TEST products...Fun Tall Mom Test Lab Reviews coming soon..

-Amazing and unexpected Bloggy love from friends I have never met

*Jillian HERE host of "Props Wednesday" I was floored to see that I was getting props. Her words brought tears to my eyes.. Total Pie Filler.

*TMB HERE dedicated mile 13 of her Marathon this weekend to ME. WHAT??? I was, and still am, amazed and totally honored.

*Believe HERE has "Feel Good Friday" last Friday she called me "Inspiring" ...again tears. If I was feeling tired and done with the week this Filled my PIE for sure.

-Fun events at local Running Stores... Diva night at Fleet Feet tonight!! Can't wait to meet Zoe and possibly Kerrie.

-Running Dates. No matter the pace running with someone is such a TREAT.

-Trees, yes Trees fill my pie. I am not a Tree Hugger, but being in the woods makes me feel complete.

-Knowing that I can type on Tall Mom and possibly connect with, or make one person smile.... That totally Fills my PIE!!!

What can you do today to make sure that your PIE is full? You have the choice to be happy, make it happen, fill your PIE.

PS. Does the picture in this post make anyone else excited for Thanksgiving??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Marathon Stories

As Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Friends Momof3, Jen and Kat prepare for their First Marathons THIS WEEKEND!! (Good Luck Ladies!!) I can't help but think about my own First (and only so far) Marathon.

For those of you new to Tall Mom I ran the Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in June 2009. My Full Race report is HERE, (dorky post races video and lessons learned can also be found in the June 09 archives). My First Marathon day did not go as I expected, here is the quick version.

  • The first Half of the race I was on Pace to qualify for Boston, which was my ambitious goal. My Body gave out around mile 11.5, most likely due to the stress I placed on myself in hopes of a BQ.

  • My bladder gave out around mile 12.3 (TMI but true), probably because I over-hydrated. After the embarassing accident my mind shut off.

  • I spent the last half of the race in survival mode with my mind and body total out of sync.

  • It turned out to be a bad running day and I have been aching for Marathon Redemption ever sense.

My time was respectable, but I want to RUN the entire race and know that I made conquered the 26.2 in Tall Mom style. I took the first step by registering for the Fleet Feet Marathon training program starting on January 9th. Next step is to register for my Marathon Redemption. DETAILS SOON..

In the mean time it is stories like that ones below that keep my dimples shining. The First Time is different for everyone and below are a few Race Reports you don't want to miss. (Britt, your Blog was not working...I wanted to link you in??)

Lacey- HERE
I have adopted this Blogger as my little sister, I stalked her on Facebook to get her cell number because I could not wait to hear the results. She is a speedy former basketball player with a mean negative split. Her First Marathon she qualified for Boston. Talk about a DREAM performance.

Morgan- HERE
Caution Redhead Running is right! I felt like a Mama bear worried about her little cub as this fun-sized Florida Runner toughed out the cold in Chicago. In her recap under the bullet "Miles 21-25" she wrote "The next few miles seemed to pass by in a blink of an eye," her experience proves that you can have a blast and avoid the WALL.

Candice- HERE
A Blondie Mom with Barbie doll looks strutted her stuff in a Pink running skirt at the Top of Utah Marathon. She admits that she never asked myself "Why am I doing this?" during the race and soon after was ready for ANOTHER. Her training for the 26.2 included a DREADMILL run of 20 miles, the poor machine was smoking by the end.

Nicole- HERE

This Mommy runner is new to the Marathon Club as of mid October. She changed her Blog name to "26.2 and a Mommy Too" after her first Marathon Finish Line. In true Matchy Matchy style she painted her nails Orange to match her shirt, shoes and ribbon...Love it. Her husband biked around the course as she debated on whether she could toss away her Goodwill "throw away" running pants.

Faith Ann- HERE and HERE
Race reports in KM's throw me off...I totally connected with a lady who put a clone Trooper sticker on her race bib for GOOD LUCK!! "I kept thinking about my little guy waiting for me at the finish line and how I loved seeing him run his the day before in the kids' spud run. There was no way I wanted to be driven to the finish line." We all find inspiration in different ways, but I am sure all Moms think about their kids many many times during the 26.2

Jesse- HERE
Kansas City plays home to a Canadian man who is not afraid to wear spandex (well sorta). His inner Fat kid cheered as he won a 10K in race prep for the Big day. With a first M-Day time of 3:34:32 he plans on running the Calgary Marathon in May, 2010, with the goal of shaving 25 minutes off to qualify for Boston.
  • There you have it.. FYI feel free to jump around read, learn and comment...it is NEVER too late to comment on a Marathon Race Report... If you have a First Marathon Race Report you would like me to add to the list please comment or email me with the link.


  • Katie thank you for all your comments do you have a Blog or email so I can respond and say "Hi"?
  • Linda, thanks for reading and glad to see you joined the Blog world! Your story is inspiring..
  • WELCOME to all the new Bloggy Pack members!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Red Skies in Morning

Stats for 11/9:
41:07- Time
Miles- 5

Overall Pace- 8:13
Fastest Mile- 7:57 Less Fast Mile- 8:32

Rainy day run on my lunch hour with sore tummy muscles.

Yesterday morning at 6AMish on my way to work the sky was AMAZING. Dark, with the clouds open to reveal bright grey and red. I remember when we were at the Ocean growing up my Mom would always say "Red Skies at night, Sailors delight. Red Skies in morning, Sailors take warning." Or something along those lines. So I knew that I was in for a treat on my lunch hour run.

My goal for this run was to channel my inner peace. Cheesy right? Basically I wanted to run for the love and fun of being out there. My co-workers seemed mystified when I grabbed my running bag as the puddles quickly filled to capacity.

With rain gear on I headed out. It was going to be a WET one!! The skies were dark. I took my favorite path which winds around the river, over a bridge and along a soccer field. I do my best thinking while running, and today was a rare IDEA type of day, details soon.

Crossing the bridge I thought about how anyone sitting inside to avoid the rain was truly missing out. The drizzle made patterns on the river, leaves cascaded slowly to meet the water and were slowly pushed downstream. Leaves of Green, Yellow, Red and Orange, some as big as my soggy size 10's covered my path. The simplicity and beauty you see in nature by the power of your 2 feet is one of my favorite things about being a runner.

I tried to avoid the puddles, hard to do with the leaves clever camouflage. I was running at a good clip and my stomach started to feel SORE. This is a familiar feeling the day after Volleyball (we went 6-0 again). Yesterday, on his 4th Birthday, I couldn't help but thinking back to the PAIN that came with giving birth to Blaine. I smiled to myself, and focused on my breathing and arm swing...the pain went away.

Next up my daily does of sexual harassment. Near the Industrial Crate Packing building the men sit in their cars just along the path fence line and eat lunch. On SEVERAL occasions I, and my adorable running partners, have been Cheered on (LOL), by the fellas. Yesterday one guy actually rolled down his window, while it is raining mind you, and yelled "Looking goooood!" Wow..OK I will take it as a compliment and SPEED UP!

Turned the corner toward work. GOAL ACHIEVED. I did not let the rain, pain, or insane dude take me out of my ZONE. It was a GREAT running day.
  • Wishing you all a great day and a workout in the ZONE!!

**I am planning on doing a post about First Marathon stories. If you have a great one please email me your link. The recent First M-Day posts I will be linking in Lacey, Britt, Jesse, Nicole, Candice, Morgan and ??

Monday, November 9, 2009

Time Flies

"And in the end, it's not the years
in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to all the new Bloggy Pack Members...once I can find 3 minutes to rub together I will be around to say Hello.. Today is a BUSY day leaving me little time to breathe let along Blog. Little Stud #1 is 4 years old today. Yes folks after nearly 20 hours of Labor we had a beautiful 9 lbs 10oz baby boy!! Time has flown by, hard to believe I have been a Mom for 4 years. When I have little time I do things in List format. ENJOY!!

5 Things I have learned as a Mom:
1. Love is unconditional and instant.
2. It does not take long to memorize a children's book.
3. Taking care of a sick child is both sad and utterly rewarding.
4. The words "I want to run a Marathon like Mommy." can make you feel like a Superhero.
5. Boys are loud, messy, and stinky...but the connection between a boy and his Mom is unmatched.

5 Things I learned on my Rain Storm Run:
1. A hat is 333% necessary.
2. People who walk in the rain are WEIRD.
3. Cars parked on the sidewalk will force you to tromp in a puddle.
4. Taking a week off will make you feel out of shape.
5. The cars passing by either think you are insane or wish they had the willpower to be like you... I wonder what the percentage is for each?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

CAKE and Running it off

I don't often show pictures of food on my Blog, mainly because I don't cook, or bake. I have posted a couple photos of scrumptious cupcakes from the table at work. Today I would like to unveal the Masterpiece that is The Star Wars 4th Birthday cake.
Dun Dun... Dun Dun...Dun.. Dun Dun....
Muscle Man and I built a lego fortress wall around the entire LARGE cake. Note: it is much easier to write on a cake in cursive. The cake has grass, water, dirt, a Tie Fighter and several Start Wars Characters.. And yes we have nearly half of it left. UGH!!! Pretty darn proud of how it looked and tasted.
Above was last year's CARS themed cake, I think we have really outdone ourselves this year. Man what will we do next year???
We watch the Cake Boss and other bakery themed shows. Watching others create amazing masterpieces makes you feel as if it is doable. Props to the pros because it is not easy.
  • What have you watched on TV that made you feel you could try something you had never done before? How did it turn out?
Back to my regular Running schedule tomorrow, thank goodness I ate my weight in snakcs, pizza and cake. It is very weird not having a race on my calender, hoping to remedy that and get registered for my next MARATHON (AKA Marathon redemption or M-Day #2). I think I have it narrowed down to one of the following:
Whidbey Island
Vancouver B.C.
***My Criteria. Late April, or Early May. Within non-flight proximity to Puyallup, WA. If you have any other options I should consider please let me know.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today marks 8 years since my first date with Muscle Man. We met on Match.com, it was LOVE at first site and we have been smitten every sense. I am one LUCKY lady to be blessed with an amazing husband, partner and friend.

I will be ABSENT from Bloggy land as we are celebrating Little Stud #1's 4th Birthday. The Party was amazing. I love seeing friends and family together. Snacking on Pizza and cake. And hearing a house FULL of kids running, playing and making messes. HOW FUN!!

I finally ran this morning, 4 miles in a rain storm.

More soon...nephew and in laws are still here.


Friday, November 6, 2009

High Five Friday

WOW oh WOW thank you to all the new Followers who commented yesterday I will be making it around to say Hello.. Note: I can't say "Hi" if your comment does not link to a website or email..

FINALLY the Frightfest Half Marathon Results and photos were posted. It was a SMALL race, tiny, itty bitty, hardly noticeable..

Gender: 1st out of 16
Overall: 4th out of 27
Time: 1:47:51
(Ummm no...Oh well)

A HUGE positive is the course photographer was ROCKIN.. High Five to the Photographer...more photos soon.. Want to get multiple pictures taken in a race? Ham it up and make eye contact with the photographer..

This is one of my favorite race photos yet... I still need to drop those arms, but I am smiling and I look like I have a bounce in my step. Gotta love the photographer at mile 1 :)
Remember how I was hoping to try a new Race pose?? Well here you have it, the Double Thumbs up. Although I like it, I think I will stick with my siganutre one hand wave. Yes people I do think about my race photos..

HIGH FIVE- Racing/Events this weekend:

Heather- Beach to Battleship (Marathon Leg)

Shelley- Monumental Marathon

Croughwell- Val Nalasco 1/2 Marathon pushing a double jogger

KK- 20 Mile Race

Sara Jane- OBX Half Marathon

Amy W.- OBX Half Marathon

Carmen- OBX Half Marathon

Robin- Maine Coast Half Marathon

Lazy Bones Runner- 10K and 5K Races

Dion- 10K

Irene- 5K

Runsher - Beaverton 5K (left me a comment, who are you?)

HIGH FIVE- Congrats and Good Luck:

Suzy- Good luck on your Masters Exam
Casey- Hopefully has/will pop out Ms. Violet

Run Like a Girl- Newly Engaged, go read her story HERE it is GREAT

HIGH FIVE- Giveaways- Tell them Tall Mom sent you

Runner Dude- New Balance Shoes Ends 11/26
**Wow short list...guess I need to hunt around...

HIGH FIVE- Feel Better Hug:
Shannon- Mourning the loss of her Grandmother to Cancer

TMB- Hurt by a toy just weeks before her first Marathon

Lisa- Sporting a Boot after her first Marathon Performance at NYC

Tobi- Accepting injury and working toward amazing goals

Fair Weather Runner- Taking a break to let the body recover

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above, or start a new list, let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL end up getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…

HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!